Phen CCG’s CyberSecurity Software Products are centered around Phen, a strong AI solution providing a real-time continuous monitoring and alerting system reducing breach detection from 220 days to 15 minutes.

Phen independently makes rapid and accurate decisions, using supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities.

Human-like Understanding and Reasoning

Phen goes far beyond other AI systems that rely only on massively parallel algorithms, pattern matching and statistical methodologies to create the illusion of intelligence.

Phen acquires knowledge, insight, and understanding the same way humans do, through evidence, experience, and reasoning.

In human terms, Phen adds the “left brain” deep knowledge-based functions that are lacking in the shallow “right brain” approaches of pattern matching, probability-based AI systems.

Along with Phen, CCG’s CheckMate provides:

  • NeTERS
    monitors network traffic using NETFLOW, Network and Host-based IDS, & application/OS Deep Packet Inspection.
  • Smart Log Analyzer
    provides a repository for logs from all devices, events and all quantitative sources facilitating correlations generated from those different sources.
  • CanSecure
    delivering Vulnerability Scans and RedTeam penetration testing to all systems every day.
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