CCG’s CheckMate

CheckMate CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering. It provides all components needed to combat 19 of the 20 SANS 20 Critical Controls in an affordable packgage. CCG’s CheckMate include the industry leading Cyber Security SME “Phen”.

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NeTERS can augment information and data discovered with both Cognoscenti and CanSecure. Since they actively detect and discover what devices are doing in a programmatic way, Cognoscenti and CanSecure can feed that data into NeTERS to provide full discovery of risks and vulnerabilities. NeTERS can also reflexively feed data to Cognoscenti and CanSecure as it detects and discovers new devices on the network.

The SLA collates data from all the various software to increase awareness of the enterprise. It provides processing power to correlate and improve the knowledge of ongoing activities and the ability to detect anomalies and changes that may indicate attacks or breaches. Information is power and this is where the knowledge is fully analyzed and processed.

Cognoscenti and CanSecure can be paired to help provide an enriched and comprehensive picture of your enterprise. Cognoscenti shares information with CanSecure to provide complete enterprise security testing, penetration and vulnerabilities analyses and compliance to configuration standards.