Small and Micro Businesses face the same threats as larger companies. Any organization, large or small, suffers considerable losses when a breach occurs. The average security breach costs $3,800,000.00 and $145.00 per stolen record in fines.

CCG’s Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for micro businesses (less than 25 systems) is ideal for Small Law Firms, Medical Practices, and other similar-sized micro businesses.

CCG provides smaller organizations the same protection and coverage as our larger-scale clients. Small organizations can be more vulnerable to breaches and may not have the same resources available for breach recovery.

Integrated Technology

network traffic monitoring
Network Traffic Monitoring

Keeps watch on all data 24/7/365 for attacks and suspicions activity to your network and within your network.

intrusion detection system
Monitors and analyzes the internals of all IP computing systems on your network. Phen is monitoring dynamic behavior, system state.

honey pot
Detects, deflects, and counteracts unauthorized use of computer systems and the overall, larger-scope state of your security, gathering information from attackers and responding to threats prior to an attack.

Put the strongest defense technology in Cyber Security to work for you

Threat Hunting
Threat Hunting

Providing a custom, Proactive Approach To Identifying Attackers. CCG’s Phen (A security SME) employs the latest threat-intelligence technology to actively mitigate gaps and weaknesses in your systems BEFORE an attack.

Response and Containment
Managed Detection Response and Containment

24/7/365 Network & Endpoint Security Monitoring. Phen, an AI cyber security SME and analysts, continually monitors your network in real-time to quickly detect, prevent, contain, and respond to any potential breach.