CCG’s suite of security products are integrated around Phen, a human intelligence in silicon.  This provides cognitive analytics, continuous diagnostics, and mitigation.  CCG’s cybersecurity products are providing cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) methologies establishing a more fluid ability to work with in a heterogeneous environment like never before, producing a strong technology.

Phen is educated in order to alert and uncover issues with it’s knowledge.  Phen is capable of reducing breach discovery from the industry average of 220 days down to under 15 minutes.  Phen utilizes application reasoning and has common sense. Through induction Phen can create facts while exploring the computing environment.  Phen can the ability to consume new data from other data sources. Phen develops new concepts and relations with the data.  Phen performs deductive logic and reasoning on the facts. By using the new knowledge Phen proactively alerts and notifies discoveries in a probabilistic way.

Cognsoscenti Software


Provides constant monitoring of devices within a network: both end systems and intermediate systems. Establishes a base line of operation and then periodically scans for any changes of the baseline from both a hardware, OS and services perspective. Cognoscenti will generate a detailed report outlining any deviations from the baseline.  These changes include minute about users, processes, applications, and line-by-line file changes to configurations, code, and scripts.
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NETERS Software


“Network Traffic Exposure Revelation & Surveyor” Provides constant monitoring of network traffic using tools such as NETFLOW or NTOP. Will detect any out-of-profile traffic patterns and generate network traffic data for an easy read GUI based dashboard. An innovative approach to network protection providing an inside-out approach going beyond the current perimeter defense models in use today. Enabling security to solidify the traditionally soft interior of the network from internal threats.



Provides the best available vulnerability scanning of devices, servers and applications conforming to NIST and DHS standards.  It will proactively scan a device using tools such as OpenVAS to determine if there are any known vulnerabilities on the device. Provides a detailed report of the scan results with links to NIST vulnerability infobases.
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SMART LogAnalyzer

SMART LogAnalyzer

Provides a repository for logs from many systems. If there’s a log, SLA wants it (Cisco ASA, ISO, NeXUS; RSA security appliance; Unix, Linux, MacOS; Windows, etc). This allows for correlations, user profiles and activities to be generated through all systems in the enterprise. In it’s most simple form, this provides the SIEM in the machine Read more.

CCG’s software and packages have been developed over the last 24 years. The primary purpose of the software, primarily Cognoscenti, is that of “engagement” and “witnessing.” The software will help in defending systems from targeted attacks aimed at stealing insider and proprietary information. Our software will effectively identify common methods of attack across all devices in your enterprise or network. The software will detect anomalies produced by attacks not yet known or identified. We have developed and created these unique solutions to defend and help identify such activity in order to keep your business secure from cyber threats.

We have worked with large industry leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Fortune 500 companies, and no less than 5 Government Departments/Administrations/Bureaus. The CCG team has been integrated in teams directly responsible with securing large, high profile internet facing systems. We are vigilant in witnesssing security related issues and problems firsthand, actively playing a role in identifying and providing solutions to resolve the vulnerability and exposure of unwanted activity. We have been involved in security with TCP/IP (internet) systems since the dawn of the world wide web (back into the days of ARPANET and MILNET.) CCG has leveraged that information and experience to provide several flexible frameworks and software whose job it is to manage and automate solutions to reduce and limit a customer’s risk and vulnerability.