NeTERS © – Detects, Analyzes & Reports Traffic Patterns on LANS/WANS

Unique in the market – the only true enterprise-wide software to provide traffic weather patterns & report anomalies.

This identifies how NeTERS is pushing network security into the future. Click for a detailed larger image view

Network security through time

The Network Traffic Exposure Revelation & Surveyor (NeTERS) quickly collects and identifies new devices plugged into the network structure.. As network packets are collected the device’s OS is identified automatically. Data traffic is summarized providing a view of device linkages within the network. NeTERS is able to identify and track the type of traffic being sent and delivered to a device. NeTERS is capable of tracking and identifying new communications originating or delivered to a given device.

NeTERS is not intended to analyze data packets and their content. There are tools that currently do this very well. What makes NeTERS unique to its competitors is that it operates one level above that to provide traffic weather patterns within your WAN/LAN and then to identify and report anomalies or changes that might indicate suspicious activity. NeTERS monitors and reports on all software applications (legacy and new), all appliances, and the sudden transfer of any form of data (binary, HTML, etc.) from your system to a remote host/network whether it be in your own network or a remote network (even those overseas.)

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