CCG Selected for the Northrup Grumman Cohort Program

Canfield CyberDefense Group (CCG) has been selected from 18 applicants by Northrup Grumman for CCG’s innovative cybersecurity software products, and for CCG’s proven track record helping large companies, small businesses, and individual device users with Phen, CCG’s patented AI that detects security breaches within 15 minutes.

The industry products and services in place today can take weeks, months, or years to detect a security breach.

CCG is setting the standard and redefining the industry approach to preventing, combating, and resolving cybersecurity issues.

CCG’s “Checkmate” of products outmatch the massive, extensive threats threatening your business network, your internal servers, you personal computers, and your individual cell phones and other devices.

More information about CCG’s selection for Maryland’s Corprenect 1st incubator challenge recognizing small businesses with established reputations for innovation, product value, and potential for growth that will help create jobs, drive business and offer products that will serve client and customer needs and local and federal government agencies is available below.

See link below for more information.

CCG being selected by Northrup Grumman for the first Maryland Corprenect challenge. CCG was selected from among 18 applicants. and more… Here is the post for the Northrup Grumman + Corprenect