Your phone becomes a Security Monitoring station.

The data and understanding of your environment is great. But it’s important to see and get a full understanding when you are not at work. During an alert or heightened event, getting detailed accurate information is important. CCG now provides from any portable device, including your phone.

Get the CCG software data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

This interface is available from any phone (or tablet) that has an internet connection and the ability to use a secure browser.

Getting Started

login home
logging in home, quick access to the CCG installed software components

Interface into NeTERS:

NeTERS provides new algorithms to dig quickly and deeply into internal network traffic in order to provide accurate device detection and activities. Also, it will collect netflow from a wide variety of sources: Cisco, PaloAlto, nProbe, softflowd, and fprobe. NeTERS has distributed sensors that can be utilized to collect the entire internal traffic data. These CCG proprietary collection methods, industry standard methods, and provide processing power to collect and deliver the data to the central system.


NF overview
Port Analytic
NeTERS internal Map, presents a realtime view of your network. Presenting microsecond detection and view of new devices and ports. NetFlow Overview, providing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs of flows, packets and bytes Port Analytic, allowing investigation and reporting on port usage

NF world map 1
NF world map 2 hosting Analytic
NetFlow World Map, this is the highest level view of world traffic events. NetFlow Regional Map, this is the ‘regional’ view of traffic events. Hostinfo Analytic, investigate, analyze and report on host usage

viewing the Smart LogAnalyzer (the SIEM):

The Smart LogAnalyzer allows central collection of data. This includes all collected NeTERS data sets, as well as, syslog, NtopNG, DNSensor, HTTP, and SMTP data sets. Included are Phen provided analytics and analytic space to process and understand the actions of all components in your network and the network itself. Smart LogAnalyzer is the place to go for the security team when they wish to analyze and understand what’s happening inside the network.

SIEM PA Traffic PA Threat
SIEM Reports index, index into the provided dashboards Palo Alto traffic, insite into the traffic data processed by the PaloAlto. Palo Alto threats, organization and structure of the PaloAlto created and/or reported threats.
http syslog
Web Traffic, web traffic analyzer syslog Activity, syslog analyzer