Personal data of 78,000 customers exposed as a result of a breach at Maryland Labor Department

The Maryland Department of Labor revealed that two databases it manages were available to unauthorized users, potentially exposing the personally identifiable information of roughly 78,000 people.

The exposures were found earlier this year after an investigation by the state’s Department of Information Technology showed that the Literacy Works Information System, which handles data for the state’s adult education programs, and a legacy unemployment insurance database could have been accessed on the public internet.

What information was compromised?

  • The files stored in the Literacy Works Information system were from 2009, 2010, and 2014. These files included names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, city or county of residence, graduation dates, and record numbers.
  • The files stored in the legacy unemployment insurance service database were from 2013 and included names and Social Security numbers.

What security measures are you taking to protect your data, in this age of highly sophisticated information security threats?

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