Providing Security from the Inside-Out: Providing Security within the Trusted Network Itself

Many security products possess the primary purpose of providing security for an organization from the “outside-in”. At the top of this list are firewall companies such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto Networks and the Cisco PIX/ASA product-line. All of these firewall products provide some sort of stateful packet inspection primarily for untrusted “outside traffic” entering into an organization’s trusted network. While all of these products certainly do more than this, their historic and current core operation is still stateful packet inspection for traffic originating from the outside of an organization entering into the internal “trusted” portion of a given organization’s network.

At Canfield Cybergroup, our entire product  line is positioned to provide both “inside-out” and “outside-in” security.  When  you examine each of the Canfield Cybergroup products, you see how each product provides security measures both within the “inside” of an organization’s network as well as for potentially malicious traffic originating from the “outside” of a network.

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Learn how:

  • Cognoscenti periodically scans systems to see what has changed from a baseline configuration and operational status
  • NeTERS constantly monitors traffic patterns using tools such as NetFlow and NTOP to see what has changed from a network traffic pattern perspective
  • CanSecure proactively scans devices, especially servers, using tools such as OpenVAS for on-demand penetration testing
  • Smart Log Analyzer logs and collates data for a range of correlations and sophisticated threat analysis

AND THEN THERE IS PHEN: The Intelligent Security Agent that uses all of these CCG tools as well as other vendors’ security tools!

It must be emphatically stressed: Phen is the absolute centerpiece of the entire CCG product line!

Phen provides true artificial intelligence where other security tools provide machine learning only. A discussion of Phen and its AI capabilities will be the subject of another blog entry. In this upcoming blog entry we will also discuss the difference between AI and machine learning.