Cognoscenti – The Security Configuration Time Machine

Cognoscenti provides Continuous Configuration Management and a unique “Time Machine” look and feel to configuration management. Cognoscenti drives the required analytics and data needed to quickly achieve NIST-800-171 compliance. This enables our customers to obtain detailed configuration settings and changes. The discussion below addresses section 3.4 of the NIST standards. Cognoscenti, in addition to CCG’s entire […]

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A case study of Phen and the CCG software suite

Phen as a NOC (PaaN) Phen, PaaN, and the entire package of CCG Software products are designed to provide dynamic cyber defense services. The financial cost of a cybersecurity staff, or even a single cybersecurity expert, can cripple small and large enterprises in wages, benefits, continuing education, etc. Cybersecurity staff go home at the end […]

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PhenPhen. He’s an orchestrator and more.

Phen is designed to and operates as an orchestrator. Phen works in conjunction with and replicates human administrators, computer security administrators, and security analysts. The volume of data requiring analysis is increasing. Phen processes data at computer speeds. It’s syslog data, netflow data, packet bits for layer 7 analysis, etc. It’s 100Gbit network taps, as well […]

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