Humanistic Intellect allowing Phen to manage security compliance.

Phen has been integrated and educated on security application monitoring. Phen makes running system scans more efficient and reduces “run away” security processing. Phen has a variety of methods both taught and learned. This self-gained knowledge is used to make the system security processing more efficient, avoid extensive, unnecessary network noise, and minimize the effects on a system’s […]

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PhenPhen. He’s an orchestrator and more.

Phen is designed to and operates as an orchestrator. Phen works in conjunction with and replicates human administrators, computer security administrators, and security analysts. The volume of data requiring analysis is increasing. Phen processes data at computer speeds. It’s syslog data, netflow data, packet bits for layer 7 analysis, etc. It’s 100Gbit network taps, as well […]

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Providing Security from the Inside-Out: Providing Security within the Trusted Network Itself

Most security products possess the primary purpose of providing security for an organization from the “outside-in.” Topping the list are firewall companies such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto Networks, and the Cisco PIX/ASA product-line. All of these firewall products provide some level of stateful packet inspection (SPI) primarily for untrusted “outside traffic” entering into an organization’s […]

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